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School Stamp for Korean Martial Arts

School Stamp for Korean Martial Arts

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Custom crafted by experts at Good Characters in Central California. Contact us if you have questions or go ahead and order now to receive priority service.

High-touch and personalized: Please specify your desired stamp details in the Message box. After you place your order, your credit card will NOT be charged until one of our staff members has reviewed your order to ensure everything is correct. We may also contact you to discuss personalization details.

We will email you a preview for your approval before we proceed with making the stamp, to ensure everything meets your satisfaction.

If you would like the vector digital version of the stamp, which can be scaled to any size without losing quality, there is an additional charge of $99. Please indicate this in the Message box, and we will add it to your order. If you prefer only the digital file of the stamp, the cost is equivalent to ordering the physical stamp. Should you decide to add a physical stamp later, it will incur an additional charge of $99.

Satisfaction guaranteed plus a 10-year replacement program for the stamp. We service customers in all 50 states and 45 countries worldwide. We’d love to make something for you!

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