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100 Mandarin Phrases Every Chinese Loves to Hear You Say (Digital Download)

100 Mandarin Phrases Every Chinese Loves to Hear You Say (Digital Download)

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Enjoy 100 most loved Chinese phrases helpfully explained word-for-word (55-page PDF ebook) and pronounced by 4 beautiful voices (400 mp3 audio clips total) in this collection. These are the most useful Chinese phrases you will ever learn, and you will benefit tremendously from using them daily. 

100 Magic Mandarin Phrases Every Chinese Loves to Hear You Say (Digital Download) is the new and improved way to learn Chinese. It is the ONLY Chinese language learning collection that focused on the 100 most important Chinese phrases that you should know with in-depth character-by-character explanation and 4 real professional audio recordings per phrase, total 400 audio clips. Instead of stuffing your brain with boring words that nobody really cares, how about mastering top 100 phrases that most Chinese value and eager to hear?

Real Life

We asked native-language speakers from different regions of China to record these phrases so you can hear slight variations in pronunciations. You may want to learn the proper, “standard” pronunciation, but language is spoken by real people with accents and manners that are not “standard.” To speak Chinese like a native speaker, you need to hear how people from different regions of China talk. Even in Beijing, one in three permanent residents came from outside Beijing. Listening to our recordings will prepare you to communicate well with Chinese even if they have accents.

Real Learning

In this collection, you will learn 100 most important phrases that empower you to:

  • WIN the heart of your love,
  • ENCOURAGE your friends,  
  • MANAGE your bosses,
  • MOTIVATE your employees,
  • MAKE LASTING IMPRESSIONS with any Chinese person you encounter.

Take 5 minutes to learn a phrase each day. Soon you will master the 100 most important Mandarin Chinese phrases that every Chinese loves to hear you say and you will use for a life time. Start today!


100 Most Important Phrase: Master 100 phrases, including 120 words and 156 characters, all with the innovative story telling style that allow you to easily remember without memorization. 

400 Audio Clips: Hear authentic pronunciations of each phrase recorded by 4 different native Chinese speakers. Two from Beijing (northern China, both male and female), 1 from Anhui (middle China, male), and 1 from Taiwan (southern China, female).

No Internet Access Required and No Restrictions: For your quick anytime and anywhere access, you can download these Mandarin Chinese mp3 audio phrases and sync them with your Windows PC, iMac, MacBook, iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Android for your personal use with no restrictions! 

Sprinkle Chinese Phrases in Your Music

What can you do with them? You can add them to your music playlists. When you shuffle songs in your playlist, you can randomly hear Mandarin Chinese phrases between the songs. It’s a great way to sprinkle nutritional Chinese phrases into your daily music intake!

Note for the Two Special Packages

All 400 Files OK to Share with 5 Friends: You can download audio phrases for your personal use and share with 5 friends.

All 400 Files OK to Distribute within Organization: You can download audio phrases for your personal use and freely distribute to your students or your team members within your organization.

One-Month Intensive Learning

The best way to learn these 100 phrases solidly is to focus on just one phrase a day and actually find a person to say it to, whether he or she knows Chinese or not. You might remember even more if you have to explain to the person what it means. Tagging your friends on Facebook or tweeting a phrase a day will help you keep track of your progress as well.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a suggested intensive learning regimen:

  1. Learn one phrase before or during your breakfast.
  2. Learn another phrase at lunch time.
  3. Learn a third phrase at dinner time.
  4. Email, Facebook update, tweet, or call someone to practice your phrases at any time.
  5. Review all three phrases before you go to bed.
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