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Series 3: Taekwondo in Hangul

Taekwondo is written as 태권도 in Korean hangul.

Banner: The banner is 24” w x 72” h (61 cm x 182 cm) including 2” top and bottom pole pockets. It’s intentionally large to be visually impactful. It’s printed in matte to prevent glare and on heavy-duty 13 oz. scrim vinyl for durability.

Colors: The colors on the banner are the same as those on the flag of South Korea—white, black, Korean flag red (CMYK 2 100 85 6 for Pantone 186 C), and Korean flag blue (CMYK 100 69 7 30 for Pantone 294 C).

Durability: The banner is made of a durable vinyl material that will last 5 to 10 years and likely longer. Over time, the cost is less than $10 a year.

Optional Buttons: 12 pin-back or 12 magnetic buttons. Each button is 2.2” (56 mm) in diameter.

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Series 3: Taekwondo in Hangul


We’ll personalize each button by printing your name or your school’s name on the edge of the button. All letters will be converted to upper case. There are character limits for this, but just enter whatever you want and our designers will personally review it and make it work. If requested, we can show you a preview before we make the buttons so you’ll have a chance to give us feedback.

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