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Series 1: Sacrifice for the Greater Self

Introducing “Samurai Banner” Series 1: Sacrifice for the Greater Self


Inspired by the minimalist design of many traditional samurai banners, we designed an inspirational and motivational banner using simple colors and meaningful characters for martial arts schools.


The banner is 24” x 72” in size. It is intentionally large so it’s visually impactful. Get some color Sharpies and encourage your students to sign their names on the banner for future remembrance and give them a sense of participation. Every time you display a new banner, some students will take pictures or selfies to share on their social media. It’s a positive exposure and influence. The banner is made of thick and durable vinyl material that will last 5 to 10 years and likely even longer. So the cost is just about $10 a year.

Banner Series 1:

Memorial Day is May 29. The word that’s top of my mind is “Sacrifice”. So the first timely banner for the upcoming Memorial Day is “Sacrifice for the Greater Self”.

The characters on the banner is a traditional idiom: 犧牲小我, 完成大我. Literally: Sacrifice my small self for the greater self.

犧牲 (Sacrifice) 小 (small) 我 (i) 完成 (accomplish) 大 (big) 我 (I).

It’s a reminder of others’ service and sacrifice. It’s also a reminder for the team spirit.


Banner size: 24” w x 72” h (61 cm x 182 cm)
Button size: 2.2” (56 mm) in diameter


All the characters together formed an 18” w x 34.2 h (46 cm x 87 cm) area. It has the same ratio (1:1.9) as the U.S. flag.

The background color is Old Glory Red in CMYK.


It’s designed for yea-round display—especially for weeks leading to and after Memorial Day and Veterans Day.


Order before Monday May 22, 2017 to ensure Memorial Day delivery within the US.


1 Banner — Wall display.
12 Pin Buttons — Always have something to give. Give them to your students or anyone.
12 Magnetic Buttons — We’ll personalize each button with the name of your school printed on the edge.

Exclusively at Good Characters

Series 1: Sacrifice for the Greater Self


We’ll print your name or your school’s name on the edge of the button. All letters will be converted to upper case. There are character limits for this but just enter whatever you want and our designers will personally review it and make it work. We can show you a preview before we make the buttons so you’ll have a chance to give us feedback.

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