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No Chinese Alphabet Soup For You!

No Chinese Alphabet Soup for you . . . unless you are a good character!

Exclusively at Good Characters: Get this exclusive soup bowl full of Good Characters’ Chinese Alphabet tiles.* They are beautiful to look at and play with. It feels wonderful to grab a handful of tiles and let them slip through your fingers like sand. The sound of natural wood tiles gently sliding against each other is soothing. Also, you can use them as a helpful reference. You will be able to write anything using authentic Chinese characters** in minutes, not days, weeks, months or years like in the old-school method of learning! 

What’s in the Box: You will get a nice 5.5 inch (14 cm) soup bowl with a beautiful wooden lid that contains 36 solid American walnut and cherry wood tiles, each 1/8 inch (3 mm) thick and one-inch (2.54 cm) square in size. 

Details: The tiles are the intricately laser-engraved complete set of 26 Good Characters’ Chinese Alphabet characters plus Chinese numbers from 1 to 10.

More: Also included is an artistic, hand-bound, pocket-size book explaining all the characters in a clear and concise way that is unforgettable. I feel tremendous joy every time I pull this book out of my pocket or bag because it’s so beautiful to look at!

Even More: Also included are the above info and printable practice sheets in a digital PDF format for your immediate download while you wait for the physical product to arrive. 

What’s Unique About This: Good Characters’ Chinese Alphabet gives you a new way to learn Chinese characters and enjoy writing them immediately. It’s delightful to use on its own or as a supplement to your other Chinese classes and lessons.

Next: After you have mastered these 36 characters, you can advance to our 2nd set—99 Good Characters—and keep advancing to higher levels.

* There is no actual Chinese alphabet like the English alphabet. These alphabet tiles are actual Chinese characters that approximate the looks of corresponding English letters.

** You will not be writing Chinese words; you will be writing the series of Chinese characters that, when put together, spell out the English words using Chinese characters that look like English letters.

Exclusively at Good Characters

No Chinese Alphabet Soup For You!

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