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Dicesion #7 Tumbler

Dicesion™ Tumbler

Limited Edition

Now you can make a Dicesion™ decision at home or anywhere. The spiral dice staircase (made from clear acrylic with glass green tint) is contained in a clear iced-drink tumbler. It fits in a car’s cup holder. So you can dice on the go. Due to the size of the cup, it works better with dice that are 2/3” (16mm) — which is the most common dice size anyway — or smaller. You can use up to 3 dice. The way you use it is to turn it up or down like an hourglass. In my user testing, many people turned it and started to shake the cup like mixing a drink. No, you don’t have to shake it! With the spiral staircase design, dice will roll down when the cup is turned. At times a die may sit on top at the first step. Just shake the tumbler slightly once and the die should roll down the stairs.

Fully assembled. 8.5” tall. 11” tall including the straw.
Not included: Dice.

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Dicesion #7 Tumbler

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