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Chop S%!#: Angry Chinese Profanity Cutting Board
The Profanity Check is an important step in a naming process. You must make sure names you consider for your brand aren’t vulgar terms, swear words, or anything unedifying in major world languages, including Chinese.

An extreme case we have come across was a proposed name for a medical device that literally sounded like “kill you” to Mandarin speakers.

This cutting board is engraved with Chinese words and phrases people commonly say when they’re angry. We code-named these words “Angry Chinese” when we started compiling the list for our Chinese profanity check.

Order it now and we’ll send you detailed explanations of these words and phrases in English and a pronunciation guide and audio files so you can avoid offensive terms that result in naming blunders.

Feel free to share these with your cultural and linguistic screening team; they might find them useful.

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Chop S%!#: Angry Chinese Profanity Cutting Board


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