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Certificate of Meaning Engraved on Thick Solid Alder Plaque

Introducing Certificate of Meaning Engraved on Thick Solid Alder Plaque. Special pricing for a limited time.

Certificate of Meaning: Written by naming professionals, certificate explains the meaning of each character in your martial arts stamp. Knowing the meaning and proper pronunciation of these characters enhances your professional image and conveys a deeper sense of cultural appreciation.

Engraved on Solid Alder Plaque: High-precision intricate detailed laser engraved for display in your home, school, or place of business. Also makes a great gift: It will last a hundred years. Inspired by the simplicity and elegance of traditional Japanese minimalist style, this solid alder wood plaque is engraved in English and Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters. The alder solid hardwood comes from Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest in America and is verified as sustainable. Each plaque is finished on both sides with coats of cab acrylic lacquer.

Please note: Due to the nature of wood the color and grain of every piece will vary. This is the beauty of natural wood.

Size and Weight:

Height: 15.5 inches (39.37 cm)
Width: 5.5 inches (13.97 cm)
Depth: 0.75 inch (1.90 cm)
Weight: 1 lb. 3 oz. (0.53 kg)

Exclusively at Good Characters

Certificate of Meaning Engraved on Thick Solid Alder Plaque


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