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Thankful Thoughts Notebook

I made some “Thankful Thoughts” notebooks for people I appreciate. Originally I wanted to engrave “Thank You” on the cover of this notebook. One morning I saw a lady sitting at Starbucks cutting cards from colorful cardstock with the word “Thankful” printed on them. I asked her what she was doing. She said she does crafts and the cards were for students. I shared my plan about this notebook and asked her what she would put on the cover. She said, “How about ‘Thankful Thoughts’?” I liked the idea; thus this notebook is called Thankful Thoughts! On the back it’s engraved with 凡事謝恩 (fán shì xiè ēn), meaning “In everything give thanks.”

A6 Tan Faux Leather Notebook. Size: 4.15” x 5.67” x 0.58” (10.5 cm x 14.4 cm x 15 mm). Engraved by Good Characters in Central California, USA. Exclusively at

November 2018 Edition

Exclusively at Good Characters

Thankful Thoughts Notebook

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