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Martial Arts Master Stamp

Authenticate your certificate and documents or simply draw attention with this mark of your school name written in ancient Chinese seal characters. Same type of script used to make official seals for Chinese and Japanese emperors.

Add a touch of professional authenticity to your certificates, awards, documents, cards, and books.

We will customize this Tenkoku style stamp with the translation of your name and title (title optional) in ancient Chinese seal characters (also known as Tensho in Japan and Hanja in Korea.)

This high quality, self-inking stamp is completely self-contained in an impact-resistant, durable case which assures a long, trouble-free operating life. This stamp is guaranteed to make thousands of clear impressions before the first inkpad ever needs replacing.

Sensei Jason Adams, Adams’ Self-Defense Academy, Great Falls, MT: “Excellent. I ordered a Martial Arts stamp, so my certificates, letters, and overall appearance of documents would be better looking. Good Characters, however, made them look far more than that, and I have only had positive comments about the stamp. The excellent craftsmanship and detail that Good Characters has put into their products has benefited me and my school. Thanks and I will definitely be ordering more or let others know to order from Good Characters.”



Item Number Master-4923
Imprint Length 1.125 inches (28 mm)
Imprint Width 1.125 inches (28 mm)
Length 1.75 inches (44 mm)
Width 1.82 inches (46 mm)
Height 3.70 inches (94 mm)
Net Weight 2.1 ounces (60 grams)
Shipping Weight 2 pounds (0.9 kg)


Product Comparison

Other companies offer carved stone chops. To help you make informed purchase decisions, we provide the following comparison between these products and our self-inking stamps.


Stamps by Good Characters Typical Carved Stone Chops
Satisfaction guaranteed plus a 10-year replacement program: Receive a new identical stamp for 50% off the list price in the event of any damage sustained to the original stamp, regardless of the reason. Get 25% off for reorder—due to loss or theft of original stamp or any other reason. Non-refundable. No product guarantee is offered.
Stamps by Good Characters Typical Carved Stone Chops
Highly detailed designs with sharp, clear, and even impressions. Will not chip like the older style stone chop, thanks to its high-impact construction. Guaranteed translations by Good Characters professional team that specializes in Chinese naming. Eye-catching stone shapes and designs from which to select. Uniquely hand carved.
Stamps by Good Characters Typical Carved Stone Chops
The stamp is housed in a modern European-crafted stamp casing. Self-inking stamps cannot be registered by residents of Japan or Taiwan as official seals. Special ink for stone chop takes a long time to dry. Carved by unknown artists, questionable translations, and disproportional characters often seen. Drop it once and it could chip.
Bottom Line
Stamps by Good Characters Typical Carved Stone Chops
Combining Asian tradition and modern innovation, stamps made by Good Characters are authentic yet highly usable. If you are looking for a daily-use, heavy-duty business stamp then this is for you. If you need to stamp 200 certificates or invitations in a hurry then this is definitely for you, too. Difficult to get sharp and clear impressions on today's paper, the stone chop is more for display than actual usage. If you want something that looks attractive but does not need to be practical, this one is for you.

Custom crafted by Good Characters in California; order now and we will deliver it within 7 to 14 days.

Nine-Character Stamp™ only at Good Characters: Nine is a mystical number in China. It symbolizes eternity. It’s said that a dragon has nine sons. There are nine types of dragons. The Forbidden City, the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties in Beijing, is said to have 9,999 rooms (although the actual number depends on how one defines a room). Thus, a nine-character stamp is one of our most popular. No matter how long or short your name is, our Chinese naming experts can create a nine-character representation of your name (and title, if you wish) and rank and style for your master signature seal.

Some masters prefer a six- or four-character stamp. There are two ways to lay out a six-character stamp. Our experts will choose the best design according to your individual name. Characters are typically arranged vertically from top to bottom, from right to left, in accordance with ancient tradition. In this example, John is represented by the two right-most characters, Johnson by the two characters in the middle, and Shihan by the two characters on the left. In English, the title is placed before the name; in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, the title is placed after the name.

Here’s another example of a six-character stamp. We have Collins (three characters on the right-hand side) and Fred (three characters on the left-hand side).

Sometimes the four-character design makes a great impression with high visual impact, especially when the name is short or has very few syllables. Again, our experts will design a stamp that’s most appropriate for your unique name.

The twelve-character design is also popular among instructors who have a lot of information to include in a stamp.

You may mention your favorite layout or design on the order form and we will custom design it for you.

If you want to go to the max, you can have a 16- or even 25-character stamp. We don’t charge by the number of characters, so you can include as much info as you desire. However, a word of caution: An all-you-can-eat offer doesn’t mean the more the better. If you are wondering how much to include in your stamp, feel free to add that comment on the order form in the “special instructions” box and we will evaluate your request and design the best stamp for you.

Exclusively at Good Characters

Martial Arts Master Stamp

$125.00 $250.00

Typically a Master stamp has your name and, if you wish, your rank or title. Your martial arts style can be included as well. For example: Master John Smith, Goju Ryu; Sifu Allen Yuan; Sensei Lisa Lynn; or Sa Bum Nim George Rodriguez. So in the following box, type the name to be translated into Chinese, Korean, or Japanese and, if you wish, title, style, and/or rank. If you already know the characters you want, you can also enter them here, or you can email the text or image to us at

If you don’t have your name translated already or if you cannot show us or send us the exact Chinese, Japanese, or Korean character(s) you want for the above name or text, there will be a one-time charge for our translators to research and create the best translation or transliteration for you. Once we translate your name for you, we keep it on file. You’ll never have to pay us for the same translation again when you order other personalized products from us in the future. We’ve been in business for 16 years and we keep our files forever.

Remember, we want to ensure your order is done correctly. After placing your order, your credit card will not be charged until one of our specialists personally reviews your order. We will discuss your order with you if we have any questions.

Tell us a bit more about your school. For example: What martial arts styles does your school teach? The information you provide allows us to translate a name and design a stamp that reflects your unique school.

What is your school slogan or motto? Do you have a website? If so, what is your website address?

Traditionally the proper color for an authentication or a signature stamp is red. But you can be creative and select a different color if you have your reason.

If you pay for the translation above, you may also want to consider our exclusive Certificate of Meaning. Recommended purchase for display in your home, school, office, or place of business. This frameable certificate, written and edited by naming professionals, explains the meaning of each of the characters used in your stamp. Knowing the meaning and proper pronunciation of these characters enhances your professional image and conveys a deeper sense of cultural appreciation. You can buy this now, or you can buy it later. Certificate of Meaning Engraved on Wood is listed $149. Buy now and save $50. Certificate of Meaning Engraved on Thick Solid Alder Plaque is listed $199. Buy now and save $100.

Do you want high-resolution files of your stamp that you can use on your website or for printing letterheads, business cards, posters, or banners?

By selecting Image files for your web site, your stamp images of various sizes will be made for you to download for use on your website and your computer. GIF, PNG, or JPG image files @ 72dpi. Good Characters, Inc. grants you a royalty-free license, meaning you can use the images an unlimited number of times without paying a royalty each and every time it is used. List: $29.95. Buy now and save $10.

By selecting Image files for web & print, not only your stamp images of various sizes will be made for you to download for use on your website and your computer (GIF, PNG, or JPG image files @ 72dpi) but we also include a high resolution file for your use in printing letterheads, business cards, or any other material (TIF image file @ 600dpi). Royalty-free. List: $49.95. Buy now and save $10.

By selecting Vector image file, in addition to all your web and high resolution print-ready images mentioned above, we will also prepare a vector file that you can enlarge to any size without pixilation or loss of quality for use in printing oversized posters and banners (EPS or PDF). Royalty-free. List: $69.95. Buy now and save $10.

This stamp comes with an ink-pad. It is guaranteed to make thousands of clear impressions before the first ink-pad ever needs replacing. Other cheap intimations last only 1000 or less impressions. We recommend purchasing one or more additional ink-pads if you anticipate high volume use or simply want to save on future shipping charges. Store the ink-pad flat facing either up or down in the drawer and it should last for at least a couple years.

Custom crafted by Good Characters in Central California; order now and we will deliver it within 7 days. Let us know if you have any special instructions.

After placing your order, your credit card will not be charged until one of our staff members personally reviews your order. We will discuss your order with you if we have any questions.

Note: If you would like to order another, after you add this to the cart, click on the product name again. That will take you back to this page and you will be able to fill out this form for another customization.

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