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All-Purpose Character and Logo Embosser

This is a heavy-duty 1.5 inches (38 mm) or 2 inches (50 mm) diameter, custom Chinese character (also known as Japanese kanji or Korean hanja) embosser for corporate and martial arts certificate seals.

Your choice of traditional characters, also known as hanzi, kanji, or hanja (Style 1), ancient seal characters (Style 2), or your custom logo (Style 3).


Perfect Impression: This embosser features a clear indication when the impression is made properly (“CLICK”) and positioning marks guarantee perfect alignment of impression.
Smallest Effort: It enables you create a beautiful and detailed impression with minimal effort.
Pocket and Desk Embosser: Versatile use as pocket and desk embosser.
Superior Ergonomics: This embosser is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable to hold and light to carry.

Exclusively at Good Characters:

Satisfaction guaranteed plus a one (1) year limited warranty: Free repair and free shipping to you. We’ll make you a new one if it’s unrepairable.

Satisfaction guaranteed plus a 10-year replacement program: Receive a new identical embosser for 50% off the list price in the event of any damage sustained to the original embosser, regardless of the reason. Get 25% off for reorder—due to loss or theft of original embosser or any other reason.


Certificates, paper, letterheads, cards, envelopes, books (inside pages).

Case Studies:

Embosser Case Studies

Exclusively at Good Characters

All-Purpose Character and Logo Embosser


Enter the text, your name, or your school or organization name to be translated into Chinese, Japanese kanji, or Korean hanja for the center of the embosser. If you already know the characters you want, you can also enter them here, or you can email the text or image to us at Leave this blank or enter “logo” if you are emailing us your logo.

If you don’t have your name translated already or if you cannot show us or send us the exact Chinese, Japanese, or Korean character(s) you want for the above name or text, there will be a one-time charge for our translators to research and create the best translation or transliteration for you. Once we translate your name for you, we keep it on file. You’ll never have to pay us for the same translation again when you order other personalized products from us in the future. We’ve been in business for 16 years and we keep our files forever.

Remember, we want to ensure your order is done correctly. After placing your order, your credit card will not be charged until one of our specialists personally reviews your order. We will discuss your order with you if we have any questions.

Your embosser will be produced with the text or name(s) you entered. There are character limits for it but just enter anything you want and our designers will personally review it and make it work. We’ll discuss it with you if it’s too long. We usually convert it to all CAPS because the embossing image looks the best that way. Let us know if you prefer exactly the way you entered. We’ll show you a preview before we make the embosser so you’ll have a chance to give us feedback.

If you pay for the translation above, you may also want to consider our exclusive Certificate of Meaning. Recommended purchase for display in your home, school, office, or place of business. This frameable certificate, written and edited by naming professionals, explains the meaning of each of the characters used in your stamp. Knowing the meaning and proper pronunciation of these characters enhances your professional image and conveys a deeper sense of cultural appreciation. You can buy this now, or you can buy it later. Certificate of Meaning Engraved on Wood is listed $149. Buy now and save $50. Certificate of Meaning Engraved on Thick Solid Alder Plaque is listed $199. Buy now and save $100.

Each gold foil serrated seal is 2-3/16” in diameter designed for 1.5” (38 mm) and 2” (50 mm) embossers. It has adhesive backing (not a sticker). Because It’s not a sticker with the backer paper so it’s thinner and will be embossed better.

The standard 1.5 inches (38 mm) diameter is the most popular.

We love feedback. If you would tell us something that can help us improve anything in this page (editing? usability?), this product, or our site in general, we’ll thank you by sending you 5 gold foil serrated seals for free. Don’t hesitate to tell us what’s wrong. You are also welcomed to use the I like . . . I wish . . . I wonder . . . framework for providing feedback if you are familiar with it.

Custom crafted by Good Characters in Central California; order now and we will deliver it within 7 days. Let us know if you have any special instructions.

After placing your order, your credit card will not be charged until one of our staff members personally reviews your order. We will discuss your order with you if we have any questions.

Note: If you would like to order another, after you add this to the cart, click on the product name again. That will take you back to this page and you will be able to fill out this form for another customization.

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